Our Aims & Objectives

  • Our main goal is to produce future generation of well-adjusted, well-educated Muslims who are able to face with dignity, pride and confidence.
  • To face the challenges of modern life while preserving their Islamic identities.
  • The school helps students to assess their own abilities and become independent learners able to solve problems and work in group.
  • The school in educates students with teaching of Islam in accordance with the Noble Quran Sunnah and Usual of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw).
  • We assist students to distinguish right from wrong abnd to respect the law in effect becoming responsible and productive Indian citizens who will confidently meet challenges of future.
  • To provide student with abroad and balanced education in a caring, safe and a well-ordered Islamic environment to develop their academic skills and Islamic values.
  • The school’s children are guided by the teaching of Islam in its general curriculum and daily practice.